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BRAND NEW MUSIC for Spring 2014


Independent Recording Artist/Song Writer

Rich Tycoon is known for his true-to-life music. 

Rich Tycoon is a master at story telling. It's a skill he began developing as a youngster in his parent's home in east Oakland, California.  The 12-year old emcee took the initiative to begin writing raps back then, and today he uses the same get up and go-ness to push his music independently.

Rich Tycoon's music can best be described as reality rap. The harsh street overtones are a result of his quest to deal with his demons and to escape life's struggles. It is in the backdrop of his music and video's where listeners will find a motivational message rooted in determination and courage, not to mention the game one needs to survive the streetlife.

To truly understand Rich Tycoon, you should know his story. Its a story that includes hip hop legends Rick Rubin, Sir Mix-a-Lot, pop star Chris Rene, and legendary Bay Area rap artists such as San Quinn, Yukmouth, and Keak Da Sneak. The story begins in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, travels through Oakland and Santa Cruz, California and is filled with trials, triumphs, and real street tales.

It is Rich Tycoon's distinct raspy voice that lures in the listener and his crafty word play that keeps them.

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Everything You Need 6
Ease My Pain 45
The 5th 11
Ain't Goin' No Where 44
Gangsta [Re-Fix] 8
Fresh (Off Parole) 56
Be Alright 11
Stay 13
194 responses

Rich Tycoon's Video Channel

Poetry by Rich Hampton aka Rich Tycoon

Nights @ San Quentin Podcast

From a roar to dead silence, the ghosts have arrivedthe victims of violence are hereIn forms of unrest, convicts toss and turnas robbery victims appearMurder 1 means lifeMurder too means deathA victim reappears as a pain in the chestMan down.Man found with a King James bibleAttempting to repent for the sake of survivalThe why me's are abundantThe spirits are relunctantTo accept an appeal for dismissalYou see,… Read more

Crime Rate Figure 

Don't  pass judgment on me.  You don't know my circumstance  I just left a place where they will kill for a book of stamps  No lady, you ain't never seen cramped  Picture a bathroom with 2 bunks and 2 lamps  The average attitude is like 'fuck gratitude'  The courts gave him 45 with a L for stealing food  One slice of pizza, that'll leave ya  Sitting here… Read more

I am 

Sometimes I am right.Sometimes I am wrong.Regardless, I am.

From the Dealer 

It is ridiculous, their attempts to shield the world from IA world whom their habits demand the supplyA world so attracted to the words 'getting high'That the world will not live in the lows it providesI sell what they seekFor pain in their hearts-each buyer's uniqueI don't push-I am sought for simple reliefA temporary fix and though it is briefThey yearn to feel more-they return unto meWhile each runs away from… Read more


Terribly sexy - she knowsIn her reflection- she glowsAnd acts as if it doesn't existWhich makes her harder to resistDeliciously sexy - she isIn all the devotion she givesHer sweet as candy cane kissesMake her even more deliciousExtremely sexy - she playsEspecially the nights she staysHer love - as warm as her hugsWhich makes her my favorite drugCreatively sexy - she thinksBeautiful poetry - she inksEvery word amazes… Read more
(January 2014)

Shows & Appearances


RICH Tycoon-Currency (CD) - FREE SHIPPING.

RICH Tycoon-Currency (CD) - FREE SHIPPING.


RICH Tycoon aka Filthy RICH of the group Black Bizness returns to the hip-hop scene with a unique and impressionable freshman solo project. CURRENCY is a testament to a "real" street player's struggle to make it through.

Featured artists are Yukmouth, San Quinn, Pretty Black, Sean T,  Prince Lefty, Lasro, Savage Khan, D Labrie, and P.O. Tha Profit.